Our Programs

Saturday All Star Community Band


 Our flagship program where students from all ages, ability levels, cultures, and locations Learn to play music every Saturday at Fire Station in the Woodlawn community. Students learn music theory and how to perform popular songs on a variety of instruments including percussion, winds, guitar, and keyboard family. 

School Year Programs


Music Box Foundation partners with schools, parks and community centers across Chicago to offer instrumental theory, voice theory and audio/visual technology programs to students of all ages.  Our school year programs are customized to meet the needs of our partners. 

Visually Impaired and Special Needs Program


Students receive instruction that introduces them to instruments of the keyboard, guitar, brass and precision family.  Our students are introduced to the sounds of each instrument, how to properly hold and play the instruments through ear training techniques.

Summer Programs


Music Box Foundation has 3 summer programs available to students of all ages.

Community Youth Development Institute


Music instruction and dance instruction during and after school.

After School Matters


In partnership with Afterschool Matters, Music Box Foundation provide a 6 week Summer Program at Collins High School on Chicago's Westside.




We offer tailor made music programs to Chicagoland Schools, Park Districts and Communities where little to no programs currently exist. Programs take place before, during and after school hours. 

We provide instruction and resources for all program types listed below

· General Music

· Instrumental Theory (Concert, Jazz, and Marching Bands)

· Vocal Theory

· Video/Audio Recording Technology

· Visually Impaired and Special needs

· Summer Camp

Our programs use music instruction as a means of expression, social connection and development.  Students are taught in three specific areas: Instrumental Theory (learning to play instruments of the Brass, Percussion, Woodwind, Keyboard and String family), Voice Theory (how to use their voice as an instrument through basic music theory including scales, notes, rhythm, key signature and harmony) and Sound Recording Technology (how to mix audio and video tracks and create rhythmic beats). 

Music Box Foundation ignites this passion for music through the 4E Endeavor:

  • Explore varying manners and methods in which music influence and affects students’ lives. Through this exploration students recognize the scope and breadth of the musical landscape and their place in it.

  •  Educate students in three specific areas of music theory, voice theory, and sound recording technology. Students receive lessons and direction from experts in the field as they work toward the completion of a cohort project. Students will receive instructions that will introduce them to instruments of the Brass, Percussion, Woodwind, Keyboards, and Guitar families. We will create a sound map for students to keep them involved where they will learn fundamental reading and notating music and performing with these instruments.

  • Expose students to many forms of music. Students will attend live performances and study the history of music types indigenous to the US (i.e. jazz, blues etc.). Students will gain exposure to marching and concert band traditions of HBCU through annual college tours as well as through participation in school activities and performances.

  • Empower students to make rational and informed decisions in pursuit of a career in music. We facilitate positive self-esteem and promote a sense of independence while providing peer interaction and sense of community.